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Meet Jolanta

Even while living across the Atlantic in Jelenia Gora, Poland I was always passionate about handicrafts and art.  When I lived in Poland I owned and operated a gallery that featrued works in silver, amber, along with sculptures and paintings.  I immigrated to the United States 30 years ago, bringing with me my love for the arts.  While I was unable to start a business upon immigrating, I did occupy my free time by doing origami, drawing mandalas, and crosstiching.  Fifteen years ago I stumbled upon jewelry and it immediately became evident that jewelry was my best form of self-expression. My experience with natural materials in my gallery in Poland is what drives me to use nothing but natural stones, crystals, bone, and African trade beads in my work.  Until now my work has been primarily sold at arts and crafts shows across the country. My loyal customer base has been rapidly expanding. All of my work is done with lots of love and I hope that my passion only continues to grow as my business expands with time.